Helping your children buy a property in London?

Let us help you:
  • Make a wise purchase
  • Ensure your asset is safe, secure and liquid
  • Bring objectivity to the decision-making process
  • Set achievable and realistic goals
  • Ensure your criteria are also being taken into consideration
  • Identify all the costs involved 
  • Decide who should be the legal owner of the property

A cool pad in East London is a high priority item in a lot of young people’s mind, much less so in their parents’ who often help finance the purchase.

Understandably parents are anxious to make a sensible investment that will increase in value and be liquid, as and when their children move on in life. This is where we can help.

We recently helped a client identify and purchase a flat in the heart of Shoreditch. This flat was in poor condition but, as London property experts, we managed to negotiate a very good price on her behalf. Our client has since renovated it and is now renting it out whilst pursuing her marketing career in the US. This asset is flexible, very well located and very liquid, a safe investment that also gives our client’s mother plenty of reassurance.

Often it also needs to be a versatile purchase. A property that several siblings can use over a 5-10 years, which the parents may also use if they are in town. In addition, a bedroom may need to be easily rented out to help cover the mortgage costs. As London buying agents we listen carefully to your requirements, and source a property that will suit all your needs.

We recently assisted a family with three children, for them a small terraced house in Hammersmith was the best fit in the end. Close to the tube for convenience and security, easy enough for their mother to drive to, and with three good sized bedrooms and two bathrooms it will work for them for many years.

Helping your children

​”I needed to assist my daughter, based in London, with the purchase of her first apartment. From the very first moment we met Olivier, we knew we could trust him. He actively listened to my daughter’s ideas and was able to quickly identify the apartment of her dreams, which she settled on in January. Olivier managed communication with both my daughter on the ground in London and me in Australia very smoothly, demonstrating respect for both of us at all times. Olivier made himself available for any questions or conversation at any time from the very first meeting to beyond settlement date. He is extremely professional with deep knowledge of the market and all aspects of property transactions. He was very patient in explaining concepts and regulations to which we had never been exposed as foreigners. It was such a pleasure for us both to work with Olivier and we would not hesitate to recommend his services.”

Tina Stoian
Sydney, Australia