First time buyer in London?

Let us help you:
  • Validate your wish list
  • Set achievable and realistic goals
  • Define appropriate and relevant areas
  • Confirm whether your dream property is a sound investment
  • Pitch your bid against other interested parties
  • Select a team of lawyers, surveyors, financial advisors & tradespeople to help with your purchase
  • By providing a safe pair of hands

First time buyers are often unsure where to start with their search and the buying process.

With many years of experience in property finding in London, we help clients define their criteria and ensuring they are realistic about what they can afford. In addition, as buying agents, we often raise criteria that our clients have never considered.

In a recent example, our clients had a new baby. We asked them whether we should be considering schools, a point they had overlooked. The upshot was a house in south London, within the catchment area for an outstanding school that was in the process of building a secondary school! Sorted with education for the next 18 plus years, our clients (who now have three sons) keep thanking us for our insight.

We find other first time buyers have looked at lots of properties but find it difficult to decide on the best option, frequently struggling to effectively negotiate and agree a deal.

Having looked at over 60 properties in Islington, our client had spent two years looking without buying. As London property experts, we were able to analyse her requirements and give a new focus to the brief. This gave her the confidence to make an offer on a very special apartment that we found, in a garden square that she didn’t know existed!

Helping a first time buyer

​”From the moment we met Olivier, we knew we would work with him and enjoy it…and he proved us right! It has been a real joy to work with Olivier, and total peace of mind is absolutely what he provided. This was our first time buying a property and I can honestly say that we didn’t experience any stress throughout the process. His excellent preparation, brilliant communication – keeping us involved at each stage and explaining the next steps clearly and helpfully – his seemingly endless patience in answering our questions, generous availability – evenings, weekends – and last but not least his solid common sense and dry sense of humour made our house search a stress-free and enjoyable process. Knowing that he was overseeing the process instilled utter confidence that we would find the right property in a short time, and we did. We cannot thank him enough, both for getting us our lovely first new home, and in preserving our sanity – as a couple and a family! – throughout the process. We would definitely recommend Olivier to anyone looking for a property; the time gained and stress saved is invaluable.”

Cécile and Florian de Cormis
Tate Gallery & Grosvenor, Clive and Stokes