Investing in properties in London is a difficult landscape to navigate, as there are so many options within one area and so many areas within and around London, too. As the culture of areas change, the profile of those searching for properties also changes. It’s part of what makes London so exciting – the constant revolution and regeneration of certain zones and areas. That being said, where do you begin to look? Well, you don’t strictly have to look, because your personal London property finder can do the sourcing and short-listing for you. In this blog post, we took a closer look at two areas, Shoreditch and Peckham, to ascertain the properties and culture you can expect to find in each.

Properties in Shoreditch
Shoreditch has conceded a little of its hipster identity with the rise of other areas, but don’t be fooled into thinking that this robs it of its charm. The area is still indisputably cool, with a sort of manicured yet low maintenance style and atmosphere. It’s difficult to compare Shoreditch to Peckham without comparing their hipster credentials, but needless to say both areas remain fairly trendy. Shoreditch however has started to mirror the more high-end fashion and chain retailers, with many designers and business start-ups being found amongst its streets. Shoreditch may not be as hipster now, but it has evolved into being all-together stylish.

This still ensures that properties in Shoreditch are sought after due to the vibes of the young professionals that frequent the area, ambition and a sort of gritty yet stylish acknowledgement that hard work and self-fulfilment go hand in hand. This makes Shoreditch ideal for the self-motivated young professionals that are still looking for culture amongst the indulgent bars, restaurants, and shops.

As your personal property finders in London, we’re well-versed in property hunting and short-listing for your needs. Shoreditch, we believe, is currently best suited to the young business person who is seeking somewhere fashionable and well-maintained. The artsy scene has dwindled a little, or become a little commonplace, and instead a vibrant and fashionable culture has taken its place.

Properties in Peckham
Peckham has overtaken Shoreditch in the bid to be London’s hippest district, but this is to neither of the areas’ detriments. Whilst Shoreditch has evolved to become more high-end chic, Peckham has adopted its shabby style in the form of its independent businesses. Interestingly, Peckham also has plenty of opportunities for young families, as there are a number of good schools in the local area.

Wearing the lucrative hipster crown, Peckham is London’s latest cool obsession. This area has become the trap for young professionals seeking a semi-urban, nonchalant culture. Peckham, as an area in general, has lower to-buy and to-rent prices than Shoreditch, which is possibly a reflection of how the latter has evolved with its clientele and commerce.

Peckham, therefore, is better suited to those seeking a diverse and artsy ambience whilst supporting local vendors and independent businesses. Prices are a little lower, and the area is even receiving some attention from young families. As London property search agents, we are finding a lot of interest being placed in Peckham, and it is definitely an up-and-coming area as opposed to the always highly regarded Shoreditch.

The Benefits of Using London Property Finders
Both of these areas have so much to offer to their residents both in terms of properties and amenities surrounding the local community. Which area you choose entirely depends on your likes as a person and your budget, as both Peckham and Shoreditch have incredibly attractive and yet different reasons why someone may gravitate towards them. This is why you need the help of our London property finders, because we provide you with a free consultation to learn all about you, your budget, and your preferences. We then create a shortlist of suitable properties for you, arrange visits, and begin the negotiation to buy or rent with you hand-in-hand.

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