5 benefits to Expect from a Professional Property Consultant in London


Here at Jane Wood & Associates, we have many years of experience as a professional property consultant in London and we genuinely want you to enjoy the process of finding your new home. House hunting can be stressful at the best of times, but we’re here to make everything easier for you, so you find your dream home with less pressure and actually enjoy the experience. From finding the perfect location to matching a property that suits your criteria, we’re here for you at every step of the way.

Here we list some of the qualities you should expect when working with a property consultant, so you know you’re getting things right from the beginning.

A knack for finding properties quickly

Time is everything when you are searching for a new property in London, but this isn’t always on your side. If you have a specific requirement and are looking for a certain type of property, you can be sure that somebody else will be looking for the exact same type of dwelling. That being the case, the ideal property needs to be located as quickly as possible, and this is something an experienced buying agent in London will handle with ease.    

A detailed knowledge of London

Finding the best properties to match your search criteria takes a detailed knowledge of London, and this is another area where a good property consultant stands out from somebody with less familiarity of the various boroughs. Each property search is unique, but one way to make this easier is to work in close partnership with a consultant that knows London and understands the property market in each individual borough.

A close working relationship with local agents

Insider knowledge is really useful when you are looking for a property and whether this is a family home, a waterfront apartment or a trendy mews on a cobbled street, the easiest way to move forward with the search is by networking, and this will involve your property consultant working closely with local estate agents, solicitors and mortgage lenders, so the whole process runs smoothly and is less stressful for you.

An understanding of your needs

A clear brief is essential when searching for properties, and the more experienced buying agents in London will ensure they understand your wants and desires before they even begin hunting for houses. Having a clear understanding of the type of property you desire, and how this is going to suit your lifestyle, will ensure you don’t view houses that are unsuitable for you. Expert property consultants will know this, and they’ll get a clear picture from the beginning so they can tailor the search and make this more productive for you.

A passion for customer service

Customer service is vitally important to us here at Jane Wood & Associates and we are very passionate about the levels of care we deliver to our clients. Clients should be everything to property consultants, and the standard of service provided has to be excellent at all times. They need to consider anything and everything to make your property search as simple and painless as possible. From the area you prefer to the property types you like best, and any special requirements you might have so you secure the best deal and find your ideal house.

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