4 Surprising Benefits to House Hunting in Winter

A well known piece of advice about house hunting is always to look in the spring and summer months – there are more properties and sellers are more likely to put effort into getting their home ready for selling. Despite this, there are plenty of circumstances that force people to sell up in the autumn and winter and this brings up a number of advantages for buyers that you simply won’t get any other time of year.

Here are just four surprising benefits you enjoy when you buy your new property during the winter months.

You’re competing with fewer buyers

Everyone is told to start house hunting in the spring, which means that if you are looking in the autumn and winter, there are fewer people to compete with for the property you want. This low demand works in your favour, so if you’re looking for an investment property looking for that matches everything you want, winter can be the perfect time to look.

Lower prices

With fewer buyers putting in offers in on the properties you want and the supply of houses outweighing the demand, you’re far more likely to find you can get a lower price on the property you want. Alternatively, you may find yourself able to look at properties with an extra bedroom or even open your search up to different areas.

Sellers are far more motivated

Usually if someone is selling their house or apartment in the winter, it’s often due to circumstances such as a new job or personal circumstances. This added with the low demand over the winter means that sellers will be highly motivated to ensure a sale, and you can probably get a good deal with any appliances included in the sale.

Estate agents will be working harder

Estate agents and property professionals work incredibly hard all year round to help buyers and sellers alike negotiate a sale that leaves everyone happy. In winter, the relative lack of property trade means that property professionals have more time to dedicate to your search, regularly going an extra mile or three to negotiate a sale in the colder months.

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